Onyx and Champleve Enamel French Clock Set

Clock:  |  H: 18 in / 46 cm  |  W: 12 in / 30.5 cm  |  D: 6 in / 15.5 cm

Candelabra:  |  H: 20 in / 51 cm


A French Clock Garniture of the Napoleon III Period By ‘La Compagnie des Marbres et Onyx d’Algerie’

Constructed in onyx, gilt bronze and decorated with champlevé enamel, and comprising the clock, and matching candelabra; the clock, of rectangular form in onyx, rises from lions paw feet, the balloon shaped cased dressed with gilt bronze laurel ribband mounts and a cameo portrait of a young lady clad a la Renaissance; the circular dial having the hours in Roman numerals, and signed by the maker, ‘La Compagnie des Marbres et Onyx d’Algerie, B des Italiens 24 Paris’ and enclosing the key apertures for the time and hourly bell striking movements, itself stamped by the maker, Japy Freres de Paris; atop, a baluster urn on stand: the candelabras carrying four shaped branches, and set with champleve enamels.
Circa 1870


Deposits of Onyx of great clarity were discovered in Algeria in the mid Nineteenth Century, and at the 1878 Universelle Exhibition, La Compagnie des Marbres et Onyx, having sole rights to the mining, exhibited with great success.

REF No. 7957

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