• 'A Mother's Love' by George Elgar Hicks
  • A Japanese Beauty by Charles Spencelayh
  • A Three-Fold Vernis Martin Screen In the Louis XV Manner
  • Portrait of Mademoiselle Mati By Georges Clairin
  • 'The Sisters' by Louis Adolphe Tessier
  • A Florentine Pietra Dura Panel
  • ‘Les Lavandieres’ by Sir William Llewellyn PRA
  • ‘The Harbour at Honfleur’ Painting by Edward Seago RWS RBA (1910-1974)
  • An Important Pair of Large Micromosaic Plaques From The Vatican Studios of Rome
  • A Six Panelled Screen of the late Baroque Period
  • A Dramatic and Decorative Screen in the Manner of François Boucher
  • 'Kew Gardens' By Augustus W. Enness
  • ‘Nude in My Studio’ by Ken Howard (b1932)
  • ‘The Skating Party’ By Louis Béroud
  • ‘In Training for the Derby’ by William Henry Knight (1823-1863)
  • ‘Summer Reflections’ Painting by William Stephen Coleman
  • 'The Blue Girl’ by Stanley Thompson (b.1876)
  • A Reclining Nude Painting by Paul Sieffert (1874-1957)