A Whimsical Automata Table Clock by Nathan & Co of Birmingham

H: 29 in / 73 cm  |  W: 20 in / 51 cm  |  D: 11 in / 28 cm


Housed within a glass dome supported by an ebonised and waisted base of elliptical form, and operated by rods, the mechanical automata movement has a two air musical box providing a sound of fine timbre, whilst exotic birds cavort within a naturalistic setting of tress and rocks, one bird appearing to drink from the moving water fountain, and naturally, an eight day duration, enamelled dial two train clock, striking on a bell, is set within the tree. Signed by the maker, Nathan & Company, Birmingham.
Circa 1880


The firm of Nathan & Co, founded in the late 18th century in Corporation Street, Birmingham is extant today, having modified from its origins as a clockmaker (cf Britten's dictionary of clocks & watchmakers of the world) to a chain of jewellers and pawnbrokers throughout the Midlands.

REF No. 8333

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