An Equestrian Bronze Statue of Queen Victoria by Thomas Thornycroft

H: 22 in / 55 cm  |  W: 26.5 in / 67 cm  |  D: 7 in / 18 cm


Cast in bronze, with a dark brown patination by the Art Union of London; Her Majesty riding side saddle on a prancing Arab Stallion; mounted upon a base of naturalistic form; signed ‘T.Thornycroft Fecit London 1853’, and bearing the mark of the Art Union of London.
irca 1855


This piece, one of a limited edition of 50 commanded by Her Majesty to be presented as Royal prizes, has a most interesting history. The weekly newspaper, the Illustrated London News, published, on the 2 July 1853 an engraving showing Her Majesty reviewing her troops at Chobham, Surrey. Thornycroft’s work was highly esteemed by the Royal Family, and they held other bronzes depicting Her Majesty, and he was commanded to create a life size statue from the event at Chobham. (On her return from reviewing the troops with the Duke of Cambridge she was attacked at Cambridge House by a lunatic with a cudgel). A sculpture of similar form had been exhibited at the entrance to the Great Exhibition of 1851.


The Art Union of London, founded in 1837 was created to promote the Arts, and members were regularly entered into a lottery, the prizes being contemporary works of art.

REF No. 8376

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