An Elkington Silver Standish of Chilean Historical Importance Elkington & Co

Dimensions: H: 9 in / 23 cm   W: 15 in / 38 cm   D: 7 in / 17 cm


Constructed in Silver, Hall marked for 1888, Birmingham, and made by Elkington & Co of Birmingham; of sarcophagus form, with oblong friezes to front and rear of Grecian classical figures; over, the central oblong sandbox is capped with addorsed putti, and the two cut and etched glass inkwells have theatrical 'Pathos' and Bathos' masks on the hinged lids. Inscribed 1889 as a gift to Raphael Larrain Moxo (q.v below).
English, Circa 1888



Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Chile; Fernando Castillo Infante, Lía Cortés and Jordi Fuentes; Zig-Zag Publishing House, Santiago de Chile, 1996, page 262.


Elkington and Company, formed by the brothers George and Henry, was founded in the 1830’s, after perfecting their newly patented method of electro plating in gold and silver, for which their first patent was granted in 1840. They exhibited at the European and British nineteenth century Great Exhibitions, and were given permission by Queen Victoria in 1868 to copy the collection of Royal Plate. Royal warrants were granted to them by, inter alia, Queen Victoria, Edward V11th, Queen Alexandra, and George Vth, and various European heads of states. In the early twentieth century, they supplied flatware to the White Star Line, whose ships included the Titanic.

REF No. 8767

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