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A Splendid Pair of Venetian Torchères Attributed to Valentino Panciera Besarel

A Splendid Pair of Venetian Torchères Attributed to Valentino Panciera Besarel

Dimensions: H: 48 in / 122 cm  |  W: 14.5 in / 36 cm  |  D: 14.5 in / 36 cm

PRICE: £45,000


A Splendid Pair of Venetian Figural Torchères
Attributed to Valentino Panciera Besarel

Of solid carved pine, waxed, blackened and beeswax-polished throughout. Each figure carved with virtuosic realism, wearing identical Renaissance style garb complete with slashed breeches and ruffs, both in contrapposto and bearing a torch. Supported on rectangular pedestals adorned with carved foliage.
Venetian, circa 1885

These impressive carved figures are in the style of Andrea Brustolon, one of the greatest carvers of the Italian Renaissance. These 19th century figures are illustrative of the revival of the Italian Renaissance tradition, when artists such as Besarel responded to the demand for luxurious décor.

Valentino Panciera Besarel, born in Astragàl di Zoldo in 1829, came from a humble background with a family tradition of wood carving. With the support of architect Giuseppe Segusini and other artists, he managed to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. However, conflicts arose with his father, who had a different approach to work. Valentino sought inspiration in Florence and immersed himself in Renaissance art. He established a second workshop in Venice and gained recognition through national and international exhibitions, including the Universal Exhibition in Vienna (1873) and Paris (1878). His workshop  on the Grand Canal evolved into a factory, attracting clients such as Princess Margherita of Savoy, the Italian royal family, and the Prince of Wales. Valentino's artistic career flourished until his death in 1902.

REF No. 10004

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