The Flight from Troy After Laurent Guiard (1723-1788)

Kabyle au retour de la chasse By Arthur Waagen

An Equestrian Sculpture After Pierre-Jules Mêne

A Bronze Statuette of Arlequin by René de Saint-Marceaux

A Pair of Statues after models by Clodion

An African Couple By Frédérick Eugène Piat

'Odalisque' By Baron Charles Arthur Bourgeois

A Pair of Figural Porte-Lumières, Cast by Barbedienne

‘The Indian Slave’ Lamp by Francois-Christophe-Armand Toussaint

‘A Horse with Character’ by Arthur Jacques LeDuc ( 1848-1918)

A Dramatic & Highly Decorative Pair of Statues in the Classical Manner

A Good Pair of Military Bronzes by Etienne-Henri Dumaige

‘The Arab Falconer’ by Pierre-Jules Mene

A Pair of Orientalist Bronzes by Jean Jules Salmson