A Whimsical Black Forest Double Box

A Splendid Pair of Venetian Torchères Attributed to Valentino Panciera Besarel

A 'Black Forest' Dog Group

A Life-Sized Black Forest Carved Hunting Dog

A Black Forest Carved Dog

A Sensational Carved 'Black Forest' Bear Bench

A Very Large Black Forest Carving of a Bear

A Carved Wooden Bear from the 'Black Forest'

A 'Black Forest' Carved Dog Group

A Pair of Carved Black Forest Game Plaques

An Exhibition-Quality Carved Figure By Valentino Panciera Besarel

A Black Forest Sculpture of an Eagle on Stand

A Pair of Large Black Forest Game Plaques

A ‘Black Forest’ Jardinière of Substantial Size

A Pair Black Forest Cattle, Probably by Johann Huggler

A Pair of Miniature Black Forest Bear Carvings

A Pair of Black Forest Cattle Attributed to Johann Huggler

A Black Forest Whip Hook

A 'Black Forest' Fox Stool