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John & George Cary


The cartography of our globe is based on the celebrated Addison’s Terraqueous globe dated 1825, and this model, to be seen in Kasteel Amerongen, The Netherlands gives the legend from the cartouche, ‘Drawn by J. Addison. Manufactured and sold by J Addison, Globe Maker to the King, 275 Strand, near St Clements Church’, engraved by J.Archer. Another globe in the Netherlands at the Geografisch Institut Utrecht bears the legend, ‘The Terraqueous Globe exhibiting the present state of the known world, by John Addison, Manufactured by Malby & Co, Globe Manufacturers & Publishers to the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, Newcastle Street, Strand, London 1849’.
John Cary (1755-1835) commenced manufacturing and selling globes in 1792 from 181 Strand, moving in 1820 to 86 St James’s Street, and being joined by his two sons, George (1788-1859) and John Jnr (1791- 1852). It may be deduced that Cary’s re-issued Addison’s globe under license, since Addison had ceased manufacturing globes circa 1840. It is to be remembered that St Clements Church, Newcastle Street and St James’s Street are within five minute walk of each other.