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Guillaume & Jean Michel Grohé


Born near Mainz, Germany, he and his brother Jean-Michel arrived in Paris in 1827, establishing their business under the name, Grohé Freres in 1829. First public exposition of their works was at the ‘Exposition des produits del’industrie Française’ in 1834; they exhibited at the International Exhibition of Paris 1855, and the Philadelphia Exhibition of 1876, where one of his works is catalogued as a ‘masterpiece’ in the catalogue. Clients included Napoleon 111 and the Empress Eugénie, who entrusted the company to furnish a new suite of apartments in the Louvre, as well as Louis-Philippe, as well as the Duc d’Aumale and Queen Victoria. The Parisian journal Figaro commented in January 1884 of his works ‘ veritable grand maître de l’ebénisterie artistique du X1Xe siécle’