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Paul Sormani


Paul Sormani (1817-1877) was a preeminent Italian-born cabinetmaker who moved to Paris in 1847 and quickly established himself as a master of luxury furniture. He opened his first workshop in Paris that year, and later settled in Rue Charlot in 1867, where he produced high-quality items of standard and fantasy furniture described as "meubles de luxe." Sormani's exquisite craftsmanship, use of rare woods, gilded bronze decorations, and Boulle style inlays attracted the attention of the French aristocracy, including Empress Eugenie, who commissioned him for her royal residences. Sormani's work earned him numerous awards and accolades, including medals at the Paris and London Expositions. His workshop remained in business until 1934, a testament to his lasting legacy as one of the most important ébénistes of his time.