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Thomas Minton


Thomas Minton founded his factory in 1793 in Stoke-upon-Trent. Herbert Minton succeeded his father in 1836, and to him was due its development and reputation. He enlisted the services of artists and skilled artisans introducing new techniques and methods of production to maintain both industrial enterprise and artistic excellence.
The Mid 19th century saw the fashions of all things French and with the Franco-Prussian war (1870), the French born Art Director, Leon Arnoux, was able to entice artists such as Antonin Boullemier to come and work for Minton along with other great names such as, Carrier de Belleuse, Desire Leroy and Marc Louis Solon.
The influence of French artists at Minton is exemplified by these pierced plates, although unsigned, are attributed to Antonin Boullemier who moved from Sèvres to Minton in 1871 and are typical of his hand.