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Morgan & Sanders, of 15-16-17 Catherine Street, The Strand, London flourished between 1801 until 1820, when it was sold after the death of Joseph Sanders, to their foreman, John Durham, and retitled. Sanders was a highly innovative designer, patenting designs and improvements to, inter alia, ‘ The Metamorphic Library Chair’’ The Imperial Dining Table, and ‘Merlin’s Mechanical Chair’. They worked closely with Rudolph Ackermann, publishing a series of their designs between 1809 until 1815 in his ‘Repository of the Arts’, a monthly periodical. They marketed aggressively, advertising in both London and Provincial newspapers, and supplied furniture to not only the hero of the time, Lord Horatio Nelson, but garnered Royal patronage. They designed ‘transportable comfort’ aiming at the Army and Navy markets, and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, and the Royal Naval Museum shows examples of their work.