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A Garniture de Cheminée in The Egyptian Manner

A Garniture de Cheminée in The Egyptian Manner

Dimensions: Clock H: 23 in / 58 cm

PRICE: £55,000


A Garniture de Cheminée
In The Egyptian Manner

Constructed in Algerian onyx and ormolu, comprising a large clock and two side pieces; rising from winged claw feet, the breakfront clock case having figural ormolu relief borders; the twin train clock, striking on a bell has a circular dial with the hours delineated by Roman numerals; the movement with a Brocourt escapement, the stepped platform having a finely cast and chased figure of a seated Egyptian woman, robed, and formally dressed with the uraeus, symbol of divinity, and holding a spear, with a sphinx to the side, after the original model by Leon Pilet, and signed (1840-1916); the lidded side urns having conforming winged feet, ormolu relief panels.
French, circa 1880

With the rediscovery in 1849 of onyx in Algeria, a French colony, where it had been mined in Roman times, Eugene Cornu founded the "Societe de Marbres et Onyx d' Algerie", in 1878; the company exhibited at the International Expositions, with considerable success.

REF No. 9250

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