Exhibition-Quality Table by Jackson & Graham

Exhibition-Quality Table by Jackson & Graham

Dimensions: H: 28.5 in / 72.5 cm  |  W: 61 in / 155 cm  |  D: 41 in / 104.5 cm



An Exhibition Quality Centre Table by Jackson & GrahamOf elliptical form, constructed in Amboyna, Harewood, and with ebonized highlights, rising from a quadripartite swept footed base, adorned with a stylised Greek key pattern conjoining a circular platform, inlaid with a running Vitruvian scroll, the ring based circular central column having four exterior inlaid shaft supports: the top having an ebonized moulded thumbnail edge, and fielded guard border enclosing a series of complex symmetrical cartouches, decorated with interlaced strapwork, housing inlaid arabesques and palmette designs in the restrained neo-renaissance manner, with a central border of running ferns. Circa 1870

Jackson & Graham

The firm of Jackson & Graham established in 1836 by Thomas Jackson and Peter Graham at 37 Oxford Street London, and for the next fifty years produced predominately high quality furniture and represented Britain at many of the international exhibitions.  Their clients included Queen Victoria, Napoleon III, the Grand Khedive at Cairo and the royal palace in Siam. They were particularly noted for their fine marquetry work, the use of Wedgwood plaques, ivory inlay, rare woods, and fine casting of bronze mounts. They engaged the leading designers of the period, inter alia, Owen Jones, Bruce Talbert, Alfred Lorimer and Eugene Prignot. In the mid 1850's the workforce was recorded as 250, and by 1875, the company was employing 600 workers. They were feted exhibitors at many of the Great Exhibitions of the Nineteenth century, and frequent prize winners. At the Paris International Exhibition of 1878, the furniture jury noted of them' the workmanship is so perfect that even with the aid of a magnifying glass scarcely the slightest imperfection is to be found'. In 1885 the company was absorbed by Collinson and Lock, who continued the standard of excellence.

Alfred Lorimer

A table, designed by Lorimer, part of the furnishing commission received by Jackson & Graham from Sir Alfred Morrison for his country seal, Fonthill, Wiltshire was shown in the 1867 Exhibition. Illustrated is the close similarities between this, and our table in design and the astonishing quality of workmanship are at once apparent.

REF No. 8850

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