An Exceptional Lacquer Cabinet on Stand by Henry Dasson

An Exceptional Lacquer Cabinet on Stand by Henry Dasson

Dimensions: H: 44 in / 112 cm  |  W: 23 in / 59 cm  |  D: 15.5 in / 39 cm


Signed and dated by Henry Dasson

Rising from toupie feet, conjoined by an addorsed swept stretcher, centred with intertwined ormolu dolphins, issuing four fluted brass inset columns of entasis form, capped with ormolu Corinthian capitols.

Flanked by ormolu anthemions, the long drawer in the apron is accessed by a concealed button, and the double doors over, flanked by Corinthian columns, and are opened by another concealed button to reveal an arrangement of seven drawers set about a central door. The arcaded ormolu galleried platform opens to create a hinged writing slope, and reveals a fabric lined interior.

The cabinet utilises contemporary Japanese-made lacquer panels, decorated on the five visible sides with pagodas and flying cranes in mountainous settings, using the extraordinary hira maki-e & taka maki-e techniques (qv).

The techniques of hira makie-e and taka maki-e, (as well as Japanese lacquering) requires an extraordinary level of skill, learnt over years of practise - the former evincing designs, using gold or silver dust, breath-blown onto a wet lacquer ground, and the latter creating designs in low relief.
At Dasson’s dispersal sale in 1894, some eighty lots of his works incorporating Japanese & Chinese lacquer panels were auctioned. Japanese lacquer, was only available outside Japan only from the 1860s, since the American Naval Commodore Perry opened trade relations between The West and the Shogun.

REF No. 10030

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