A Pair of Carved Mahogany Settees

H: 40 in / 102 cm  |  W: 74.5 in / 189 cm  |  D: 26 in / 65 cm


Constructed in a richly carved, well patinated mahogany; rising from cabriole front & rear legs, terminating in ‘hairy paw’ shoes, the perforated seat rails carved with festoons, interspersed with scallop shells, centred about a ‘Green Man’ grotesque mask; the triple backs have central hoop shields, flanked by square form interlaced backs, in the Chippendale ‘French’ manner, with profuse berried oak leaves, acorns, birds, and bocage carvings; the slightly swept, dished arms, carved with icicles, terminate in dolphin terminals.

Circa 1890


The source of these extraordinary settees may be seen in Percy MacQuoid’s ‘The Age of Mahogany’ from the series ‘The History of English Furniture’, Figure 121, originally published in 1907 by Lawrence & Bullen, later revised and updated; MacQuoid takes the view that the original settee dates to circa 1750.

REF No. 7503

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