A Carved Oak Barometer

H: 52 in / 132 cm  |  W: 19 in / 48.5 cm


The barometer, of aneroid type, signed by the maker. and having a thermometer above is house within an extensively carved 'banjo' form case, incorporating fruits and foliates, with a bust of a hatted man from the Troubadour period. Inscribed on the silvered dial ‘Manufacturers to Her Majesty’s Government’ and by the maker ‘E Cetti of Brook Street, 11 & 31 Brook Street, Holborn, London’.
Circa 1890


The Cetti Family are recorded from the early 19th Century in the Holborn area, and were noted in the London Gazette of 1876 as being makers of salinometers, hydrometers, etc

REF No. 7577

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