A Rare Nautical Desk Set

H: 6.5 in / 16 cm  |  W: 15 in / 38 cm  |  D: 19.5 in / 48.5 cm


The lockable oak felt-lined case, embossed with the initials 'AL' of the original owner, houses twelve writing implements and accessories, constructed in silver plate and gilt metal, using spheres and chain work decoration. A bespoke commission of undoubtedly unique character-and most likely having nautical connections-the various accoutrements executed in a uniform style reminiscent of ropework, buoys, and markers found on seafaring vessels. The set includes a pair of candlesticks, a chamberstick, inkwell, bell, letter opener, personal wax seal, a stamp container, paperweight, ash tray, sealing wax spoon, and a pen tray, all placed within a custom-fitted interior.
Circa 1880

REF No. 9091

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