An African Couple By Frédérick Eugène Piat

H: 30 in / 75 cm


An African Couple By Frédérick Eugène Piat (1827-1903)

Modelled in a now well patinated bronze, the circular bases, inscribed with the artist's name, support tree trunks, against which rest the young warrior holding his spear, and his partner, a draped young woman with a necklace of animal teeth.
French, Circa 1880


Frédérick Eugène Piat (1827-1903)

A noted French sculpteur-ornemaniste. All of his designs were executed by the leading firms of Parisian high quality bronziers, such as Christofle, Colin, Lemerle-Charpentier, Motteau and Maison Millet. Piat was the founder of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Troyes, France.

Benezit, Editions Grund Volume 10

REF No. 9207

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