A Remarkable late Georgian Circular Table

H: 29 in / 74 cm  |  Dia: 60.5 in / 154 cm


A Remarkable late Georgian Circular Table

Of a size most unusual in circular tables, constructed in various specimen woods on a San Domingo mahogany ground. The trefoil form platform base, supports a column of truncated incurved pyramidical shape that has knurled feet carved in the Roman manner, with spandrels at the angles. The tilt-top is of circular form with a thumbnail edge, and is inlaid with eight different specimen woods (qv) that delineate a vortex; a shape that nature naturally creates in whirlpools and tornados.
English, Circa 1830

Dr Adam Bowett, the leading expert in the world on matters of wood identification has been kind enough to assist in the identification of these exotic woods, and his findings are appended, although one of the woods defied his expertise. We thank him for his efforts.

REF No. 6767

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