A Fine & Rare Erotic Viennese Bronze Table Lamp By Franz Bergman Franz Bergman (1861 - 1936)

H: 14 in / 35 cm  |  W: 10 in / 26 cm  |  D: 7 in / 17 cm


The cold painted bronze depicts two slave traders peeping into a tent -like structure erected on a circular base, the domed roof sporting a crescent moon, which, when the spring operated door is opened, reveals, under a light a nubile young female slave, the object of the men’s attention. Signed to the reverse, ‘Namgreb’, (the inversion of ‘Bergman’), and the letter ‘B’ within an urn cartouche.
Viennese, Circa 1900


Followed in the footsteps of his father, who ran a small bronze foundry, inheriting the family business in 1900, and adding many small figures, both in patinated and cold painted bronze.

REF No. 8094

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