An Irish Looking Glass in the Rococo Manner of Thomas Johnson Probably by Butler of Dublin

H: 90 in / 229 cm  |  W: 58.5 in / 148 cm


Constructed in carved giltwood, the mirror plates housed within a typical exuberant and florid Johnsonian medley of Chinese, naturalistic, symbolic and mythical motifs, with vertical dividing glazing bars; pagodas, a squirrel, a Ho-Ho bird, a dolphin, a cornucopia, vines and foliates co-mingle with icicles, C-scrolls and scallop shells.
Irish, Circa 1890


Thomas Johnson (1714- d. after 1778)

A London based carver, gilder and author of influential design books relating to both mirrors and girandoles; 'Twelve Girandoles' (pub 1755): 'One Hundred and Fifty New Designs' (pub 1758) and 'The Book of the Carver' (pub 1758); the squirrel motif appears in many of these books, and is not to be found in other design books of the period.Literature; 'Thomas Johnson and the English Rococo' by Helena Hayward pub 1964The Butler company, established in the second quarter of the 19th century specialised in making copies of fine 18th century furniture, and were noted for their carving work, and latterly post 1900 as furniture dealers.

REF No. 8706

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