A Fine and Rare 18 Arm Crystal Chandelier by Baccarat

H: 38 in / 97 cm  |  Dia: 34 in / 86 cm


A Fine and Rare 18 Arm Crystal Chandelier
by Baccarat

The 18 solid twisted glass arms support clear and amber crystal candle holders on acid etched amber cut-to-clear bobèches decorated à la grecque - as are the other major elements composing the chandelier: the substantial bowl and its finials, the inverted trumpet and the delicate and very rare frosted amber cut-to-clear crystal bells completing the crown. Signed “BACCARAT” on the frame, and recently electrified.
French, Circa 1860-80


The technique of acid etched cut-to-clear with coloured glass was mastered to perfection in the second half of the XIX century and notable examples were presented  by Baccarat at the 1867 Exposition Universelle in  Paris.

Cristalleries de Baccarat takes its name from the town of Baccarat,  where it was founded in 1764 by royal permission of Louis XV,  in the midst of the forests of Lorraine, rich of wood necessary to burn in the kilns and to achieve high temperatures; by the early 19th century the production of the finest crystal was achieved, in various shapes and sizes to the most desired fashionable requirements - from elaborately decorated stemware to chandeliers, vases and the great ormolu mounted decorative pieces of the second half of the XIX century,  exported all over the world - and still today arguably the finest glass on the market.

REF No. 9475

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