A Marble Bust of Venus Goddess of Love

Overall H: 65 in / 164 cm
Marble Bust: H: 26 in / 65 cm  |  W: 17 in / 43 cm


A Marble Bust of Venus Goddess of Love

Carved in Carrara marble, the circular waisted socle rising to support the bust of the smiling Goddess of love, her hair in a chignon and dressed deshabillé. On an associated alabaster fluted and foliate carved octagonal base pedestal.
Italian, Circa 1870


The roman goddess Venus, and her Greek predecessor Aphrodite, are associated with love, beauty, pleasure and passion. A common subject in the history of art, the ancient myths of Venus have been immortalised in painting by the likes of Botticelli, as well as in sculpture. The famous Venus de Milo, today in the Louvre, may have been the inspiration for the present bust.

REF No. 9182

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