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A Black Forest Carved Dog

A Black Forest Carved Dog

Dimensions: H: 8.5 in / 22 cm  |  W: 22 in / 56 cm  |  D: 14 in / 5.5 cm

PRICE: £25,000


Constructed in naturalistically carved and stained lindenwood, the recumbent dog complete with a carved collar, lead, and glass inset eyes.
Brienz area, circa 1890

Brienz, in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland was remarked upon in Baedeker's Travel Guide, as having a population of 2400, of whom 600 persons were employed as woodcarvers, to supply the tourist trade to Switzerland with mementos of the tour. A museum devoted entirely to the art of wood carving may be visited today.

Arenski, Jay, Simon Daniels, and Michael Daniels. Swiss Carvings: The Art of the 'Black Forest' 1820-1940. Woodbridge: Antique Collectors' Club, 2005, p. 34 (illus. no. 26). Illustrating a closely related carved single dog; Private collection.

REF No. 9782

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