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L'Improvisateur By Félix-Maurice Charpentier (1858-1924)

L'Improvisateur By Félix-Maurice Charpentier (1858-1924)

Dimensions: H: 31 in / 78 cm  |  W: 15 in / 38 cm  |  D: 12.5 in / 31 cm


By Félix-Maurice Charpentier (1858-1924)

Cast from bronze and with a warm patina, portraying a youth playing the flute fashioned from a branch. Titled on the base, bearing a dedicatory inscription, and signed "Felix Charpentier."
French, circa 1910

Charpentier's l'Improvisateur

The initial 'improvisateur' was unveiled at the Paris Salon of 1887, where it received praise and won the second prize. Charpentier brought the bronze to the Paris Exposition universelle of 1889, where he received the silver medal. It was purchased by France for the Musée de Luxembourg, the country's first contemporary art museum. The famous bronze founder Colin won the rights to cast editions.


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REF No. 9298

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