A Jewel Casket in the Louis XVI Manner

H: 5.5 in / 13 cm  |  W: 9.5 in / 24 cm  |  D: 6 in / 14 cm


A Jewel Casket in the Louis XVI Manner
by Maison Tahan

Constructed in gilt bronze, and adorned with 'Sevres' type porcelain hand painted polychrome panels on a Bleu Celeste background; of rectangular form, with everted angles, and figures representational of the Classic Arts of Dancing, Music, Poetry and Painting at the corners, and panels to the fascia and top of bucolic scenes, and bouquets to the sides and backs. The lockable hinged lid having its original key, and the interior quilted. The lock bearing the maker's mark 'Tahan Fr de l'empereur' (supplier to the Emperor).
French, circa 1870


Maison Tahan

Tracing its origins to the beginning of the 19th century, the Maison Tahan became renowned for its small furniture and opulent boxes in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI. Described as the 'prince' of small-scale cabinet work, their wealthy clientele included Napoleon III. Tahan was a regular exhibitor at the universal exhibitions, including the Great Exhibition of 1851. Their designs can be found in various public collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum.

REF No. 9217

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